Sociall: promotional app website mockup


i chose to take the social media interface as an opportunity to visualise a concept for an app that I’ve been hoarding called “sociall”. like most things i create, it had to be bright and modern to attract a young and friendly crowd. by the contrast of white to yellow letters, Sociall’s logo draws attention to “all” being of significance. i matched the colouring of the navigation button to its section of the page’s background. a little detail that communicates to the the user that they have been taken to the correct section.

i created the girl graphic to introduce the app in a brief, relatable way before the user is ushered to the full website. she tells the story of a typical situation where sociall would come in handy switching from distressed without the app’s help to happy and matter-of-fact with it. the simple facial detail of a frown to a grin is all that is needed to communicate this message. with this knowledge, the user enters the home page ready to find out more.

this site exists as an informative guide to why and how sociall was created. the user can immediately identify that this app is available for both apple and android due to the circular icons surrounding the sociall logo. the green and grey backgrounds further assist the user in recognising the brand.

the “still” chosen to represent the gist of the video shows two people perhaps meeting for the first time and happily exchanging “socialls” instead of slowly and awkwardly sharing everything from phone numbers to twitter usernames. the homepage incorporates the sociall girl’s hands as a charming breakpoint between each section of the page. the hands also visualise the contents of the subsequent section. the first set of hands are holding an iphone that is using Sociall representing the “how we do” section. the next hand is gesturing “call me” to suggest the succeeding “talk to us” section.

the use of both a monospace font and one-page flat design give this page a techie feel, while the use of bright colours makes it fun and accessible. thus expressing exactly what one should expect from the sociall experience.

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