InMode: Mid-century modern website mockup


“inmode” is a niche real-estate site for mid-century modern homes. in order to make this concept sophisticated, sleek, and updated i knew i would have to hold back and use bright colors only as accents this time. i decided on the classic power couple, black and white, accompanied by monochromatic shades of green. i altered my hero image from its original colors to black and white to match both the smart color scheme and further the retro theme.

these images are showcased in a full width slideshow at the top of the page and then further down as “featured listings” with cooresponding captions. the main image at the top has a geometric border giving off a mod flair. the cursor illustrates that hovering over an image will display it in color making it an attractive and intuitive way to see the home before making the click to find out more. inspired by a particular mid-century modern graphic, i recreated it on pixelmator and used its negative space as a placeholder for section titles.

the typography in this piece is my favorite detail as it screams mid-century modern from the display title font, dk majolica, down to the sans-serif font, geosanslight, used in the paragraphs. together with the asymmetrical flat design they create a retro, yet futuristic feel to the design.

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