interactive cv

i was keen to use my adobe animate assignment to develop the skills needed to make an interactive version of my cv and to bring a particular illustration of mine to life by turning it into vector graphics and using unmasking techniques. i stayed true to the linear, handwritten look, and black-and-white theme of my original drawing throughout the application. i added onto this style with accents of red, orange, yellow, blue, and green to bring a subtle colourful flare to the application.

each house on the homepage illustration is a button to a different page that elaborates on the educational and professional experience i gained whilst living in that place. when hovered over each house turns a different colour.

the timeline is broken up into five pages. each page was created on a different layer of the timeline with a corresponding label in the “labels” layer for organisational purposes. there is an “actions” layer for any actionscript as well as a “homebuttons” layer. each house on the homepage has been converted into a button symbol each leading to a corresponding movieclip page.

wanting to take that step above using scans of my drawings, i remade them using adobe illustrator and its pen tool resulting in scaleable vector graphics of all of my illustrations and handwritten type.

my interactive cv could be further developed by adding hyperlinks to the mentioned schools and companies, tweening animations, and hovering to reveal more information. adding hyperlinks would make it significantly more interactive and would provide more context to my educational and professional history. making the waves move, the blinds on the house go up, the gate open, etc. would be a sweet additional interactive detail. hovering over text for more lines to be drawn with further description of the skills i acquired at a school or job could increase the scope of information and interactivity for the viewer’s understanding and entertainment.

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